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Prospective Board Member Biographical Information Request

  1. At this time, the Board of Directors has established a personal minimum annual contribuition of $1,000 to the Heritage Alliance and securing an additional $1,500 from other donors and/or event participation.

  2. * Make a personal gift separate from possible corporate contributions, including attendance at the signature "Dinner on the Town" event ($195 per person).

  3. * Review all materials for Board and Committee meetings ahead of time.

  4. * Actively participate at NHS board meetings.

  5. * Assist in fundraising efforts on behalf of the society, including identifying and cultivating new donor prospects and volunteers.

  6. * Demonstrate support of the mission, purpose and goals of the Naperville Heritage Society, serving as a goodwill ambassador to the community and region.

  7. * Maintain a working knowledge of Society and Settlement activities in order to be a continual PR advocate.

  8. Additionally, we ask that the NHS be one of your top three philanthropies. Please list your other board memberships and affiliations, noting current officer status or committee chairmanship.

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