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Glossary of Terms
With Naper Settlement’s new improvements in place, there is informative signage located throughout the grounds describing the positive environmental impact of the various features, which include:

Bioswale: A bioswale is a garden planted with native vegetation that receives and absorbs stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces, like parking lots. Naper Settlement plans to incorporate a large bioswale next to the Martin Mitchell Mansion parking lot.

Cistern: A cistern is a basin or storage tank used to collect rainfall.

DuPage River Watershed: A watershed is an area of land that drains into a body of water. Naper Settlement is located in the DuPage River Watershed.

Permeable interlocking concrete pavers: Similar in look to brick pavers, the permeable concrete pavers to be used at Naper Settlement are manufactured to create a breathable pavement surface that once set in place atop a deep sub-base of sand, soil, various sized-aggregate rock, and perforated pipe, allow water to flow around them and into the ground below. With a depth of 18+ inches, the sub-base materials filter the water of impurities prior to it entering the deeper ground water system, which eventually drains to the DuPage River Watershed.

Rain barrel: A rain barrel collects rainwater from roof runoff that can then be used to water gardens nearby.

Rain gardens and infiltration zones: Rain that falls from the rooftops will be treated primarily through rain gardens, which will become part of the landscape and will include native and ornamental plants. Rain gardens and infiltration zones filter out waterborne pollutants and help reduce the volume of runoff.

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