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To encourage exploration of history at all age and interest levels, Naper Settlement has several types of exhibition galleries available for visitors as part of their tour experience. Both galleries are included with general admission.

"Brushstrokes of the Past: Naperville's Story"
The "Brushstrokes of the Past" exhibit is a 3,500-square-foot permanent exhibition gallery. A combination of artwork, artifacts, historic photographs and interactives are creatively interwoven to share Naperville's development from a frontier settlement to an established 20th century city. This exhibition is open year-round to visitors in the Pre-Emption House Visitor Center.

Heritage Gallery
In the "Heritage Gallery," temporary exhibitions on a variety of themes and topics are produced that highlight different pieces from the museum's artifact and archival collections, local artists, collectors and traveling exhibitions. This gallery is open year-round in the Pre-Emption House Visitor Center. 

The Boomer List: Photographs by Timothy Greenfield Sanders
January 18-March 16, 2018
Explore a traveling exhibition from Newseum/AARP featuring 19 large-format portraits of some of the most fascinating members of the influential baby boomer generation, taken by award-winning American photographer Timothy Greenfield Sanders. Gain insight into the generation born from 1946 to 1964 through interviews and portraits that focus on exceptional achievements, struggles and identities, telling the story of extraordinary Americans and the history they lived through - and often created.

History Connection
children playing with Lincoln Logs in History ConnectionOur kid-friendly exhibit, "History Connection", is located in the Naper Haight House at Naper Settlement. Geared toward children ages 3-10 but fun for kids of all ages, "History Connection" is a great place to explore the past and play with history through a number of engaging, hands-on activities. Due to special events, there are times throughout the year that "History Connection" is not available. History Connection is closed during Winter Season. Call Mon-Fri from 8 AM-4:30 PM - 630.420.6010.

Virtual Tour
View a virtual tour of Naper Settlement to see its various galleries and exhibits.

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