Weed Ladies

Weed Ladies Volunteers at Flower Sale

Group Origin

Where some people see weeds, Naper Settlement's Weed Ladies see possibilities for creativity! These volunteers design & sell floral arrangements and wreaths featuring dried & silk flowers as a fundraiser for the Naperville Heritage Society. Formed in 1969, a group of civic minded ladies were searching for a method to provide funds for the newly formed Naper Settlement. Floral arrangements in antique containers and "weed bouquets" made using dried flowers, grasses, and weeds were created and sold at an annual antique fair that helped raise funds for the Naperville Heritage Society. One of the husbands dubbed them the "Weed Ladies" as they frequently stopped and picked grasses and weeds along roadways. The name has stayed with them fifty years later!

While remaining true to the style of the original group, today's Weed Ladies also design with silk flowers & succulents, creating designs following the current styles and trends. They maintain a memorial garden on the grounds, named after Kay Stephens, a passionate gardener and one of the founding Weed Ladies. This garden boasts several heirloom plants and others grown specifically for drying. The basement of the Daniels House serves as the drying spot where an array of colors and textures wait for the designers' use.

Daniels House

The Daniels House at Naper Settlement is filled with a dazzling array of silk and dried floral arrangements. Peek into each nook and cranny, and you'll see designs that resemble works of art. This historic former physician's home receives its décor courtesy of a dedicated group of the Weed Ladies. The best part is, everything that you see is for sale!


Floral design sales are held in the spring, fall and early winter. Can't make it to a sale? Custom arrangements are available upon request and the Daniels House is also open for shopping or custom orders from April through October (please call to confirm hours). You may contact the Weed Ladies at 630.305.5289. Any sales outside of the Weed Ladies Sale dates are cash or check only.


Do you have a green thumb? We could use your help. We are always looking for folks to help with , sales and creating arrangements. We also need volunteers to maintain the garden on the grounds. Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older.

The Weed Ladies have a blending of talents from gardening to designing to behind the scenes things to do. A warmhearted, supportive group who are always in need of new volunteers to help maintain and pick in their garden! Those who have an eye for designing or would like to help at their sales are welcome! Please call them at the number above and leave a message or email the Naper Settlement Volunteer Coordinator

Purchasing a floral arrangement from the Weed Ladies benefits Naper Settlement's education and preservation programs.