Preservation Resources

Historic Structures Plaque Program

Preservation is an ongoing effort that is most successful when public and private efforts occur jointly and in collaboration. To that end, Naper Settlement promotes preservation through a number of programs and outreach efforts to share our resources and work with others interested in seeing Naperville's heritage preserved in a variety of ways.

We promote the care and maintenance of older homes and buildings, with recognition given through the Historic Structures Plaque Program.

Program Purpose

The Naperville Heritage Society's Historic Structures Plaque Program has been in place since 1970, and more than 100 homes have been recognized. The plaques, which appear on historic properties in Naperville, are a way to increase community awareness of architecturally and historically significant properties, which promotes a sense of pride in local historic preservation. Homeowners conduct research on the history of their property. Upon completion, a committee reviews the application to see if the structure qualifies for a plaque, which is awarded based on the property's architectural and/or historical merit.

Application Process

The completed application form (PDF) from the home research resource packet should be submitted with:

  • An 8-by-10-inch color photograph of the property illustrating structure or site features to be considered
  • Documentation of research of the structure's date, architectural style and other related historical significance

The application will be reviewed by the Historic Structures Plaque Program Committee. If a property meets the appropriate criteria, the plaque will be approved for issuance. Arrangements will be made with the individual property owner for the plaque presentation from the Naperville Heritage Society. Throughout the plaque application process, museum services staff members are available for consultation. To use the Naperville Heritage Society archives, contact the Library at 630.305.5259 for an appointment. You can also view frequently asked questions about the program.

Development in Naperville

Naper Settlement encourages property owners and developers to contact us prior to tearing down an older building in Naperville. Naperville Heritage Society staff will evaluate whether further documentation is warranted given the property's location, age, architecture and known history. If the structure merits preservation consideration, the society may be able to help the property owner with relocation options if preservation and/or adapted use is impossible.

As a last resort, salvage opportunities for building materials to be recycled into Naper Settlement buildings or in other developments will also be considered. Although Naperville Heritage Society is primarily interested in building materials that are pre-1930s, in good condition and used in Naperville, there are always exceptions.

Meeting the challenge of preserving Naperville's history can be achieved when there is cooperation between developers and preservationists who can work together to save historical structures and artifacts within the community. Please contact the Director of Buildings and Grounds at 630.420.4111 for questions or to have us look at your home/building.