Due to COVID-19, Naper Settlement has paused its geocaching program. Check back later in 2021 for updates on when the program will return.

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure-hunting game that uses a global positioning system device. The game became popular around 2000, when the U.S. government allowed satellite signals to become available for use by ordinary citizens. The word geocache means "geo" for geography and "caching," which means to hide a cache.

In its most basic form, a cache can be a small, waterproof container housing a logbook and a treasure - usually toys or trinkets of very little value. The excitement is in finding the hidden cache and seeing what is in the box. Naper Settlement's geocaches are not registered worldwide, but are rather part of a private hunt developed specifically for visitors to the historic museum village.


You may use your own personal Global Positioning System enabled device, such as a smart phone or iPad, or borrow one of our units. Just Go Geo adventures are switched out monthly, offering new and different experiences!


Our Geocaching program  is free with paid admission. See our Admission Rates here.