Bandstand - 1890s

Napervillians gathered together at the bandstand for countless summertime concerts.

Naperville’s original bandstand was constructed as a speaker’s platform for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of George Washington’s presidential inauguration. Soon after, local musical ensembles began using it as a performance stage. The Naperville Light Guard Band played in the bandstand until 1900. A few years later, the popular Lounge Factory Band performed in it for appreciative crowds. Today, the Naperville Municipal Band presents free concerts in Central Park and around town.

The Bandstand is a re-creation of one built in Naperville’s downtown Central Park in 1889.


Using historic photographs and maps as guides, the reproduction bandstand was built in 1979 at a cost of $15,000. Through the assistance of then-mayor Chester Rybicki, members of the business community contributed generously for the reconstruction project. Contributors included:

  • Bank of Naperville
  • Bruno Benedetti and Sons
  • Gus Kapellas
  • Hamer Enterprises
  • Hazdra Homes
  • Naperville National Bank
  • Naperville Savings and Loan Association
  • Richard Smykal Inc.
  • Springwood Builders