Agricultural Interpretive Center

To understand America, you have to appreciate the role that agriculture has played throughout our country’s history. In the nation’s corn belt, Midwest towns like Naperville fed the promise of prosperity over generations.

The Agricultural Interpretive Center - a new 6,000 square foot exhibition space - will showcase Naperville’s rich agricultural history, connecting it to the farming story of the region and the nation. Organized around three central themes - Farming as a Way of Life, Innovation on the Farm, and The Farm as a Business - the Center will examine the multifaceted and dynamic nature of farming and agriculture through the lens of Naperville and the surrounding region. Exhibits and programming will explore agriculture across centuries and the changing landscape.  An Ag Lab will let students get down and dirty in the science of farming and agriculture.  The Ag Lab will connect students with top scientists nationwide to offer experiential educational opportunities and open the minds of students, faculty and parents to careers in agriculture, creating a much-needed pipeline into important and essential agricultural careers.