Virtual Field Trips

Bring History Home for your Students!

Each virtual field trip takes students on an interactive adventure through history with both museum-educator led lessons and a library of exciting digital resources that bring history to life including:

  • 3D Artifacts and Interactive Photos - Students get up close and personal with selected artifacts from Naper Settlement's collection allowing the opportunity to view 3D and 360 images. 
  • Living History Videos -  Each virtual field trip includes several videos that allow students to meet, learn, and hear the varying perspectives of the people living through key moments in history. 
  • Virtual Reality Tours - Our interactive virtual reality tours allow your students to experience history from every angle. Explore our historic buildings in-depth and click and learn on objects on your screen to explore further.
  • Worksheets and Quizzes – Worksheets and quizzes help bring history home for students by emphasizing key concepts and allowing teachers to understand the impact of each lesson. 

Each field trip is a series of sessions administered through Google Classroom, Canvas, or Zoom. 

Funding for this project was generously provided by the DuPage Foundation

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Explore our Virtual Field Trip Programs

Nurture and develop students’ inquiry skills and help them gain an understanding of historical thinking and civics, all while helping you meet Social Sciences, SEL, Common Core, and NextGen learning standards. Click here to view learning standards.

Women making butter in farmhouse

History Station

3rd, 4th, and 5th Grades
$150 per classroom, up to 30 students
Students explore our historic grounds and houses to learn about the chores and common trades of the 1800s and evaluate the cultural significance of work and home life of families and communities. There are many ways to solve the problems of food, shelter, transportation, and community resilience.

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Voices of the Past Reenactor

Voices of the Past: Underground Railroad

8th Grade/Middle School
$175 per classroom, up to 30 students
Filling the role of a newspaper apprentice at the DuPage County Observer, students will explore a pivotal historical period through personalized accounts immersing them in an investigation of the multiple perspectives on enslavement found in Illinois during the period leading up to the Civil War.

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Snow Storm

Lessons in Resilience

6-7th Grade/Middle School
$150 per classroom, up to 30 students
Students will hear stories and strategies from history that illuminate ways citizens have endured hardship, solved problems, and envisioned strong community futures. This program prioritizes social-emotional learning skills. 

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Are you a District 203 or 204 or Naperville 4th Grade Teacher? 

Naper Settlement has developed our Living History field trip to engage students with their local history.  Students will engage in an interactive exploration of commerce, trade, and technology in Naperville’s interdependent, 19th-century culture and economy to develop geographic, economic, and historical literacy and civic awareness. The program helps students build context and understanding of the settlement and community development patterns of Naperville and Illinois including Indigenous presence and displacement, European settlement, immigration, and migration.

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