Lessons in Resilience Virtual Field Trip

6-7th Grade/Middle School 

What to Expect

Through the use of historical examples, students will hear the stories and strategies that illuminate the ways citizens have endured hardship, solved problems, and envisioned strong community futures. This program prioritizes social-emotional learning skills. Student learning outcomes include: 

  • Analyze and evaluate primary and secondary source documents and images  
  • Use historical thinking skills, including asking historical questions, seeking evidence, and constructing interpretive narratives  
  • Cite three major kinds of challenging events that can be found across time, culture, and history  
  • Define “Resilience,” elaborate on how resilience is expressed at the individual, family/household, and community levels 
  • Synthesize characteristics of resilience from three discrete historical narratives  
  • Explain complex interactions of cause and effect between people, places, organizations, and events 

LIVE Sessions 1, 3, & 6: 
Synchronous learning sessions include real-time facilitation by our museum educator team. 

ON YOUR OWN Sessions 2, 4, & 5:  
Asynchronous learning sessions include teacher and student led discovery of history through videos, virtual images with interactive pop-ups to explore buildings and artifacts, activities, and see primary documents and objects out of the Naper Settlement archive.  

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