Middle School Field Trips

Naper Settlement field trips focus on inquiry based learning that promotes curiosity and critical thinking skills in elementary and middle school students.  Sign-up for one of our in-person options, or enjoy the museum virtually with one of our three new virtual field trips. For questions, please call 630-420-6010 or email us at grouptours@naperville.il.us .

Ready to Book?

Please contact grouptours@naperville.il.us or call 630.420.6010.

Voices of the Past: The Underground Railroad Virtual Field Trip

Grades 5-8 • December - March   $175 per classroom, up to 30 students
Filling the role of a newspaper apprentice at the DuPage County Observer, students will explore a pivotal historical period through personalized accounts immersing them in an investigation of the multiple perspectives on enslavement found in Illinois during the period leading up to the Civil War.

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Lessons in Resilience Virtual Field Trip

Grades 5-8 • December - March   $150 per classroom, up to 30 students
Students will hear stories and strategies from history that illuminate ways citizens have endured hardship, solved problems, and envisioned strong community futures. Exploring these historical events will build the capacity to respond creatively to today’s challenges. The program prioritizes social-emotional learning skills. This field trip experience will explore creative, resilient responses to the challenges of climate, health, and social crises.

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Time Travel Trip at Naper Settlement

All Grades •  April - October • $6.50/student 
Meet educators in period clothing along your self-guided route. Follow the development of a typical Northern Illinois town as it grows from a frontier outpost to a thriving agricultural and industrial community.

A Focus on Social Emotional Learning

The new virtual programs meet Illinois State Learning Standards for Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) for the Middle School/Junior High 6-8 level. Programs will help develop self-awareness, self-management skills, social awareness and interpersonal skills, and practice decision-making skills. Naper Settlement is a museum leader in integrating SEL standards into social studies field trips.