Field Watchers After School Program

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Field Watchers After School Program

Every Tuesday Starting March 5  •  4:30 PM - 6:00 PM • Free Program   Pre-Registration Required •  For Students (6-12) and their Parents/Caregivers •  Adults must accompany students

Unleash your curiosity every Tuesday while exploring the wonders of agriculture, STEM, and nature! This program is for parents and elementary-age students (6-12 years old).  Topics include:

  • Coding: Learning about binary code and practice programming binary code into a plant sensor.
  • Algorithms: Learn about algorithms and their connection to agriculture. 
  • Soil Health: Learn what makes soil healthy and nutritious for plants by analyzing the contents of the soil.
  • Planting: Learn about what a plant needs to survive.  Design and plant your very own plant to take home.
  • Plant Development: Learn about each step in the life cycle of plants.
  • History of Agriculture: Learn about the development of farming throughout history and its impact on future farming.

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