Answering the Call: Naperville at War

Answering the Call: Naperville at War - 1941-1945

April 12, 2021- January 2022

Exploring the local history of WWII, Answering the Call: Naperville at War will open April 2021 and will run through January 2022. The exhibit will feature the newly acquired Massier Family Collection; stories of Japanese internment workers who came to work here; and highlight the significant role of Kroehler manufacturing to the war effort.  

Answering the Call will engage visitors with a story that is almost entirely local and personal. We will learn how Napervillians came to see their role in helping with the war effort, and how that changed over the duration. In addition, we will explore the fascinating stories of Naperville men and women who served in all branches of the military. The exhibit concludes with a look at life here after the war, how the soldiers who came home formed bonds related to their experiences, and how the city of Naperville was changed forever.