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Jul 02

Meet Jeannette L. Collazo

Posted to HERstory by Denise Cartina


"As a child, Jeannette struggled with severe asthma. Jeannette needed to endure frightening attacks and hospitalizations to emerge stronger on the other side. Later, when she moved to the mainland and had to assimilate to a new culture, she was ready to meet whatever challenge came her way.


When Jeannette entered the technical field of IT, she worked among very few people with shared experience. But she was passionate about IT and strong enough to succeed, as long as she stayed loyal to herself and her values as Jeanette gained increasing responsibility. Jeannettes business, Lurdez Consulting Group, works to employ young women into the IT field. Jeannette is inspiring young women.  


During the good times and the bad, Jeannette realized that perseverance is the secret to success. We may be gifted but without perseverance we will not succeed. We may have challenges that make us feel helpless or even hopeless but without perseverance we will not overcome them.  


As a service to her community, Jeannette volunteered for 7 years in the Dog Therapy program at Edward Hospital in Naperville (the largest in the nation). She loved witnessing the joy her dog would bring to other people. It shows that often the most unexpected things can help us through our most difficult moments. 


Jeannette is also an Author of Today's Inspired Latina, a book series created for Latinas to share their inspirational story. They have toured the world spreading their stories."

Nominated by Kylie Knur 

Jul 30

Threshing About – A Blog about a Thresher

Posted to Naper Notes Blog by NS Marketing

July 25, 2019 entry

The Threshing About blog is devoted to the conservation progress of our Wood Bros. threshing machine.  The conservation work is being funded in part by a Museums for America grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

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