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Sep 16

Meet Cathy Subber

Posted on September 16, 2020 at 10:21 AM by Denise Cartina

HERstory Nomination Cathy Subber

"Dr. Cathy Subber is a shining example of a Naperville Woman. She not only runs a very successful chiropractic practice in town (Advanced Health of Naperville) and parents two teenage boys, but she is also somewhat of a 'Mother Hen' in Naperville and surrounding communities. She runs and moderates The Branch Moms, which now includes a website, a variety of Facebook groups, and a television show called the Moms Network on NCTV17. The Branch Moms serves largely as a forum where moms can ask and answer questions about pediatricians, contractors, paint colors, favorite restaurants, job opportunities, fertility, and parenting, and aims to make every mom feel welcome which is something that is so needed in such a family-oriented city. It would blow us all away if we knew how many essential friendships have formed because of The Branch Moms! In addition, Dr. Cathy has recently started a new podcast and blog called Socket which focuses on helping people let go of parts of their lives which no longer serve them, and guides them toward the kind of life they want to live. Dr. Cathy was also the Chairman of the Board for the Naperville Chamber of Commerce. She's Naperville's Super Mom, and an inspiration to many!"

Nominated by Ellie Martin