What does the Naperville Heritage Society collect?
The Naperville Heritage Society collects both two- and three-dimensional materials depicting Naperville’s history from its founding in 1831 to the present day, including materials related to Naperville businesses, schools, families, etc. To date there are nearly 75,000 items in the Museum Collection, including more than 14,000 photographic images. The materials accepted into the museum's permanent collection are held in public trust and are preserved in perpetuity according to prevailing museum standards.

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1. How do I donate an artifact?
2. What does the Naperville Heritage Society collect?
3. What happens after I contact the Registrar?
4. How are proffered materials reviewed by the museum?
5. How long will it take for the museum to review my donation?
6. Will the Naperville Heritage Society provide an appraisal for my donation?
7. Can I take a tax deduction for my donation?
8. Will the Naperville Heritage Society exhibit my donated items?
9. If I donate materials to the Naperville Heritage Society (NHS), will they be returned upon my request?
10. If the museum will not accept my item as a donation, will they accept it as a long-term loan?