What happens after I contact the Registrar?
Once you have made an appointment with the Registrar to meet either at your home or at Naper Settlement and your materials are taken for consideration, a temporary custody receipt is completed for every potential donation. On this form are spaces to note donor name and contact information, object name and description, any known history of an item, a space to check whether or not you want your item back if it is declined and a space to sign and date the receipt form by both the donor and the Registrar. A completed copy of this form is given to potential donors at the time items are dropped off or picked up.

If you do not live in the Naperville area, it is recommended that you mail or email images of the material to the Registrar. Once an item is offered for potential acquisition, it is added to a list of items to be discussed at an Acquisition Committee meeting. If an item does not fall within scope for the museum collection, it potentially could be added to the reference or education collections.

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