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Board Meeting Evaluation - Short Form

  1. NHS Board Meeting Evaluation - Short Version (10 questions)
    Please rate on a 1-5 Scale: 1 - Highest level of disagreement, and 5 - Highest level of agreement
  2. 1. Pre-meeting materials were distributed in a timely manner prior to the meeting.
  3. 2. The written materials were:
    Less than adequate/more than needed
  4. 3. The meeting agenda covered priority, relevant items.
  5. 4. The issues discussed were:
    Not very important/Very Important
  6. 5. The discussion was:
  7. 6. Oral reports were clear, succinct and provided relevant information.
  8. 7. There was constructive discussion and participation by attendees.
  9. 8. The Chairman guided the meeting effectively.
  10. 9. The meeting began at the scheduled time and concluded within 90-120 minutes.
  11. 10. The meeting made good use of my time and talents.
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