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Board Member Responsibilities and Commitments/Photo Release/Hold Harmless Agreement

  1. Board Member Responsibilities and Commitments/Photo Release/Hold Harmless Agreement
  2. As a duly elected or appointed member of the Naperville Heritage Society Board of Directors,
    I am committed to carrying out the basic responsibilities listed below. I further agree to
    assume additional responsibilities as my time permits. I will:
    • Understand and support the mission, purpose and goals of the Naperville Heritage Society and Naper Settlement.
    • Participate in setting the strategic direction for the Society and Settlement.
    • Responsibly manage director’s fiduciary duties including financial oversight, fundraising participation and provision for preservation of physical assets.
    • Approve overall policy direction of the organization. Endorse standards of operation. Set forth ethical criteria by which the organization will be managed.
    • Subscribe to the Institutional Code of Ethics.
    • Be a community ambassador; assisting with the identification and recruitment of people to become active volunteers with the Naperville Heritage Society.
    • Actively participate at board meetings and on a committee(s) of the board, including advance review of all materials prior to meetings.
    • Assume an active role in fund raising programs including identifying and cultivating prospective donors, making a personal annual contribution to the Heritage Alliance of no less than $1,000, and securing an additional $1,500 from other donors and/or event participation.
    • Actively support events as a worker or attendee, including attendance and support at the Society’s signature fund raising event.
    • Complete a Conflict of Interest statement annually.
    • Actively participate in board retreats or workshops as scheduled
    I further agree that Naper Settlement and/or the Naperville Heritage Society may use my
    likeness in any brochure or promotional materials that will be used to advertise or promote
    Naper Settlement or the Naperville Heritage Society.

    In exchange for the opportunity to participate in the Naperville Heritage Society’s effort to preserve our local heritage, I agree to release and hold harmless the Naperville Heritage Society, its agents, employees, volunteers and the City of Naperville from all damages, judgments, expenses (including attorney’s fees), costs or liabilities suffered because of the injury to, or because of damage to property that may arise out of, or as a consequence of any volunteer work which I may perform, except injury or damage caused by direct negligence of the Naperville Heritage Society.
  3. I agree to all statements above.*
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