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4th Grade Living History Program© Scheduling Form (ONSITE OR VIRTUAL)

  1. 4th Grade Living History - Field Trip Request Form

    Naper Settlement offers two options for the 4th Grade Living History program - the standard ONSITE field trip option or a new VIRTUAL classroom experience. 

    ONSITE 4th Grade Living History program is scheduled in November and early December. Visit dates will be assigned and confirmation sent.

    VIRTUAL 4th Grade Living History  - This is available for scheduling throughout the school year. 

  2. Tell Us How You'd Like To Schedule Your Living History Field Trip*
  3. Onsite Program Choice Dates

    If you are requesting the ONSITE field trip option, Naper Settlement  will be building an onsite schedule.  You will be contacted with your visit date shortly. 

  4. Please list any known November scheduling date conflicts.  District 204 late arrival Wednesdays and other closed dates listed on the District 204 calendar have been noted.

  5. Virtual Program Date Choices - Available All School Year

    Enter three (3) program week choices in priority order using the Monday date for each week even if you do not have school on that Monday. Example: Week of 1/18 because the Monday of this week is the 18th. If none of your choices are available, Naper Settlement will contact you with more information about availability.

  6. School/Organization Information
  7. Please provide full name of school, i.e. Lincoln Elementary vs Lincoln
  8. Field Trip Requestor Contact Information
  9. Contact is the*
  10. Student Information

    How many classes and students do you want to schedule for a field trip?

  11. Classroom Teacher Information

    Provide  teacher name and email for each 4th grade classroom to attend the program.

  12. Special Accommodations
    Information about special needs within your classes will allow us to provide the best visit experience possible.
  13. Our Classes Have The Following Special Needs
  14. Please tell us if your classes include guests with wheelchairs, how many and the Classroom Teacher Name(s).
  15. Please provide additional information about any special needs you noted above. This will allow us to fully coordinate your visit and share pertinent onsite pre-visit information.

  16. Please share any questions you have about the 4th Grade Living History field trip (Onsite or Virtual).

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