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SCHOOLS - In-Person Field Trip Request Form

  1. In-Person Field Trip Request Form

    Please note, this is not a confirmation of a field trip date or time. Your field trip will be officially confirmed when you receive a confirmation email, usually within 2-4 business days. Please check your spam folder as these emails are frequently filtered. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact us at

  2. School/Organization Information
  3. Please provide full name of school, i.e. Lincoln Elementary vs Lincoln
  4. Please provide full address including STREET, AVENUE, ROAD, etc.
  5. Field Trip Requestor Contact Information
  6. FIRST NAME & LAST NAME - Confirmation will only be sent to the main contact email address listed above.

  7. Contact is the*
  8. Student Information
    How many classes and students do you want to schedule for a program?
  9. Field Trip Program Choice
    Choose one (1) program for this reservation request. If you want to schedule other programs for more grade levels, please complete a separate request form.
  10. Program Titles with Grade Levels and Availability*
  11. Visit Date Choices - Provide Three (3) Dates in Priority Order

    Select the dropdown arrow at the right of each field to reveal the calendar icon. 

    Where possible, we will schedule you for your first choice, but if that is not available we will move to the next date selected. 

    If none of the three dates you have provided are available, our team will reach out with alternate dates for your consideration.

  12. Special Accommodations
    Information about special needs within your classes will allow us to provide the best visit experience possible.
  13. Our Classes Have The Following Special Needs
  14. Please tell us if your classes include guests with wheelchairs, how many and the Classroom Teacher Name(s). This will allow us to provide appropriate accessibility information if required.
  15. Please provide additional information about any special needs you noted above. This will allow us to fully coordinate your visit and share pertinent pre-visit information.  You may also call our Guest Services Team at 630.420-6010 to discuss further. 

  16. Weather Acknowledgement - Please Check Box To Continue*
    I understand that field trips at Naper Settlement take place outdoors. All guests should dress for the weather on our scheduled visit date including jackets, raincoats, ponchos, etc. I understand that field trips are not cancelled due to rain or inclement weather.
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