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Scout Program Request

  1. Scout Program (Onsite) Request Form

    Please note, this is not a confirmation of a program  date or time. Your program/visit will be officially confirmed when you receive a confirmation email, usually within 2-4 business days. Please check your spam folder as these emails are frequently filtered. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact us at

    PROGRAM DEPOSIT - Once a program date has been reserved for your group, our Guest Services team will reach out to collect a $50 deposit.  Deposit must be received within 4 days of a date being reserved for your group. If the deposit is not receive the reservation will be released. 

    Once the deposit is processed, an official confirmation and pre-visit packet will be emailed to the group contact. This payment is non-refundable if this program is cancelled for any reason, but is applied to your program fee.   The full cancellation policy will become effective with the issuance of the reservation packet. 

  2. Troop/Group Information
  3. i.e. - Brownie Troop #XXXX, Cub Scout Den #/Pack #

  4. FIRST NAME & LAST NAME - Confirmation will only be sent to the main contact email address listed above.

  5. Contact is the*
  6. Please provide full address including STREET, AVENUE, ROAD, etc.

  7. Tell Us More About Your Group
  8. 1 Adult : 4 Scouts MAXIUM is our standard requirements for programs. 

  9. Program Choice - CHOOSE ONE*

    Choose one (1) program you want to schedule.  If you want to schedule additional programs, please complete a separate request form.  Unless otherwise noted, scout programs are 90 minutes in duration. 

  10. Visit Date Choices - Provide Three (3) Dates in Priority Order Below (TUESDAYS - THURSDAYS)

    Scout programs are scheduled Tuesday - Thursdays after school.  

    Programs will be scheduled 3 -4:30 PM, 3:30-5 PM, 4-5:30 PM or 4:30-6 PM.

    2 HOUR PROGRAMS will be scheduled 3-5 PM, 3:30-5:30PM, 4-6 PM or 4:30-6:30 PM

    Where possible, we will schedule you for your first choice, but if that is not available we will move to the next date selected. 

    If none of the three dates you have provided are available, our team will reach out with alternate dates for your consideration.

  11. Program Time Choice - 90 Minute Programs

    Please choose a program time option for 90 minute program.

  12. Program Time Choice - 2Hour Programs

    Please choose a program time option for any program noted as 2 HOURS.

  13. Please tell us how many guests in your group use a wheelchair, walker or stroller for ambulation.   This will allow us to provide appropriate accessibility information if required.  Tell us about any other special needs that may be applicable to the program. 

  14. Please share any questions you have about this field trip to Naper Settlement.

  15. How did you hear about our Scout program opportunities?*
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