Naper Settlement History Squad Volunteer Application

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Personal Information

Education Completed

Parent/Guardian Information

Parent/Guardian Current Employment Information

Emergency Contact
Parents or guardians, please provide a secondary emergency contact, in case we cannot reach you.

Optional Information: This medical information is optional.

Commitment of Volunteer Service
If Naper Settlement/Naperville Heritage Society agrees to accept your services as a volunteer, we will commit to providing you adequate information, training, and supervision as a volunteer to carry out the responsibilities of the position. You will agree to perform duties as outlined in the position description to the best of your abilities, meet time and duty commitments or provide adequate notice to your supervisor so alternate arrangements can be made, and adhere to the policies and procedures of the organization, including confidentiality of information, you understand that volunteers are not employees of the organization, receive no direct monetary compensation and no special consideration if applying for a paid position. Naper Settlement/Naperville Heritage Society will do our best to make you experience as a volunteer a productive and rewarding one.

Naper Settlement Volunteer Agreement
To complete the application process, read the following volunteer agreements and give your electronic signature where it is appropriate.

Photo Release and Hold Harmless Agreement:
I agree that Naper Settlement/Naperville Heritage Society may use my likeness in any brochures or promotional
materials that will be used to promote Naper Settlement/Naperville Heritage Society. As a volunteer or parent/guardian of a volunteer, I recognize and acknowledge that there may be a risk of physical injury and I agree to assume the full risk of any injuries, including death, damages or loss which I or my minor child may sustain as a result of participating in any and all activities connected with or associated with the volunteer program. I agree to release and hold harmless Naper Settlement/Naperville Heritage Society, its agents, employees, volunteers and the City of Naperville from all damages, judgments, expenses (including attorney fees), costs or liabilities suffered because of injury or damage of property, which may arise out of, or as a consequence of any volunteer work I may perform. I understand that my volunteer status may be terminated at any time for failure to comply with policies and procedures of Naper Settlement/Naperville Heritage Society, including those of the volunteer program, or when in the judgment of the society, continued service as a volunteer would be contrary to the best interest of the organization.

I understand that Naper Settlement/Naperville Heritage Society may conduct periodic background checks and I will provide any additional information as requested.

I agree to provide my social security number upon request from Naper Settlement/Naperville Heritage Society, as required by the City of Naperville for all volunteers authorized to make purchases for events and programs.

The confidentiality of all information provided in this volunteer application will be respected.

Sign and Date:
I agree that the statements made in this volunteer application have been freely given, are correct and true and that I accept the Photo Release and Hold Harmless Agreements and will provide information for a background check and social security number if requested. Naper Settlement/Naperville Heritage Society will hold all information provided in this application and agreement in strict confidence.

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